Is this masquerade finally over
Can we put down the roles that we’ve played so many times
Is this really the final curtain
The end of the play
Or will we just dance this dance we’ve danced again and again and again

Once again I walk away
There’s no turning back this time baby
Once again I walk away
With every step I leave you behind me
Once again I walk away
Determined this time you’ll be sorry
Once again I walk away
But if you ask me you know that I’d stay

If we put out the sun and stopped it from shining
Girl we both know
We still couldn’t be anymore in the dark
Ooh there’s no flashlight
There’s no insight
As hard as we try
Ooh we keep running round in circles
Time after time, hello, goodbye…

Tak wiec podjelam meska decyzje i oswiadczam wszem i wobec ze nie bede juz byt duzo na tym blogu ani robic ani pisac, bo juz nie mam ani weny ani sily ani potrzeby…krotko to ujmujac blog zawieszam na cas nieokreslony, a jak mi go skasuja to trudno :D kiedys trzeba z tego wysrosnac…z reszta matura w tym roku wiec nie moge juz tyle czasu spedzac w necie co kiedys…no to tyle…nara ludzie :D ide na obiad…